Workshop on Copernicus uptake by public authorities - 23 avril 2018

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Dans le cadre de sa stratégie "GROWTH - Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs", la Commission européenne organise, le 23 avril 2018 à Bruxelles, un worshop intitulé "Copernicus uptake by public autorities" (l'assimilation du programme Copernicus par les autorités publiques).

"The workshop is expected to highlight the most effective measures or strategies existing at national/regional level, including new methodologies for engaging the users and encouraging public authorities to use Copernicus."

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Earth Observation & Copernicus Technologies and Solutions for User Applications - 18 et 19 avril 2018

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Un colloque intitulé "Earth Observation & Copernicus Technologies and Solutions for User Applications" se tiendra à Bochum (Allemagne), les 18 et 19 avril 2018. 

"The event is planned as a marketplace that will enable knowledge transfer between technology experts, service providers and manufacturers as well as users from selected application fields. The goal is to stimulate the development and marketing of new “Copernicus”-related products, services and solutions. The event will build on findings and experience from the German technology network “CopServ” and aims to transfer valuable technological know-how to European level in the framework of the EEN.

The event will offer thematic workshops to exchange ideas on technology trends, identify market demand and raise awareness among end users towards the importance of Earth observation and Copernicus technologies and their potential. A B2Match event for bilateral meetings is included."

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